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Grefsen Terrassehus
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ParagrafHouse Rules for Grefsen Terrassehus Condominium

Updated: 05.10.2014

As a service to those of our residents that do not fully understand Norwegian, we have made a translation of the house rules into English. Please take a few minutes to read this section.

Read Norwegian version

Unofficial translation

Adopted at the residents' meeting of 13.06.1974 and updated at the residents' meeting of 26.09.1996.

The articles of the Condominium require that there shall at all times be house rules, and that every co-owner shall ensure that these rules are adhered to by the resident(s) in the unit he owns. Every co-owner is liable to make good any damage which occurs as a result of infringement of the house rules or lack of due care. In the common interest, it is the right – and the duty – of co-owners, their families and subtenants to intervene when they see anyone behaving in a manner which contravenes these rules.


Between 2300 hrs and 0700 hrs there shall be quiet in the entire complex, including the corridors and entrance halls. On holidays and weekends there should be quietness until 12 noon. Radios, televisions and record players must at all times be turned down to a level that does not disturb neighbours. The same consideration must be shown when playing musical instruments. Pianos or grand pianos must not be placed touching a wall, and shall stand on small rubber pads or similar insulating material to prevent sound passing through walls and floors. Particular thoughtfulness is called for when the sliding doors to the balcony are open. If a party on a given evening is likely to cause more noise than usual, the immediate neighbours should be warned. Banging and hammering must no occur after 2030 hrs and before 0700 hrs unless there is a special, good reason.


Littering or dirtying the common areas is forbidden. Smoking is prohibited in these areas. Parents must ensure that children do no eat indoors in the common areas. And it is the duty of parents to clear from these areas any toys, paper etc. left by their children. In the event of any drawing or painting being done on walls or windows, such walls or windows must be restored to their clean state by those responsible.


The rubbish chutes near the elevators are for ordinary household refuse only. The rubbish must be securely wrapped. Bottles, glass, cardboard boxes and similar items are not suitable for throwing down a chute, and must be placed downstairs in the boxes provided. The instructions for use of the rubbish chutes must be followed. Read more


The corridors and entrance halls must not be used as play areas. Nor may non-residents loiter there. The lobbies opposite the elevators may be used for quiet play and as lounges by residents. Ball-games, cycling, roller blades and the like are prohibited in the indoor common areas under all circumstances.


Common areas such as staircases, lobbies, corridors, playgrounds, or gardens must not be used for storing residents' property.


Keeping a dog is permitted on the condition that it is not a nuisance to other residents or their guests. A dog may not be left alone in an apartment if it has not been trained to tolerate this without barking or howling. Dogs must not be allowed to foul children's playgrounds, sandpits, lawns or other parts of the gardens, the areas near entrances, or indoor areas. All dog droppings must be removed. Any dog not fully under the control of its master and walking to heel must be kept on a leash. No dog must be allowed to run loose in the corridors or entrance halls, or in any other common area, indoors or out. The dog's owner is responsible for seeing that these rules are adhered to. If they are repeatedly broken despite written complaint from the Committee, the dog's owner may be required to remove the dog from the premises within one month. Moreover, the Norwegian Dog Owners Association's regulations for keeping dogs apply here. Cats are subject to the same rules.


Specific instructions may be issued at any time relating to the use of technical equipment, and these are equivalent to house rules. Apartments shall be aired by meand of the ventilation slits, external windows, or balcony doors. Airing an apartment into the corridor is prohibited. Residents must make use of the ventlation system in order to avoid food odors spreading to other apartments.


Windows in the common areas may not be left open at night, nor on windy or rainy days. If a resident decides it is necessary to open a window in a corridor or other common area, it is his responsibility to ensure that it is closed again shortly after.


Residents must drive considerately and with care on the garage level and adjoining roadways. Idling of engines and the sounding of horns should be avoided. Cars may be washed only in the area provided for that purpose and at the appointed times. The speed limit as sign-posted must be respected. Residents must keep their own garage spaces clean and tidy. Specific rules have been devised concerning the use of visitors' parking spaces. Violation of these rules may result in vehicles being towed away. Read more


For safety reasons, playing games and loitering in the car parking area is prohibited. For the same reasons, letting off fireworks, rockets etc. from apartment balconies is forbidden.


Playing games and loitering in the storage areas is prohibited. On leaving the storage area, residents must ensure that the lights are turned off and the doors are locked.


All external doors shall be kept locked. Anyone entering or leaving the buildings must see to it that this rule is adhered to.


Trees, plants, furniture and equipment in the gardens and children's playgrounds must be treated with respect.


Specific rules and regulations apply in common rooms such as the gumnasium, sauna, laundry room, and meeting/social room.


Notices which are put up anywhere other than on the noticeboards will be removed. All notices on the boards must be taken down after a reasonable period of time.


In the interests of all residents, any damage, defects, and contraventions of these house rules should be reported immediately to the Caretaker, the Committee Secretary, or a member of the Committee.


The use of charcoal grills and igniting fluid is prohibited on all balconies of Grefsen Terrassehus.